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7th Grade

Our middle school program utilizes a team approach where approximately 100-120 students are placed on a team with their four core academic courses - English language arts, math, science, and social studies. 
These four teachers deliver all the instruction to their 100+ students.  This structure provides a more personalized learning experience for students and builds close relationships with both teachers and other students who get to know them best. Teachers discuss the students they have in common and establish stronger teacher-student relationships based on an improved understanding of the students and their specific learning needs. As a parent, you will notice that you may receive communication from the team, rather than just one teacher.

This is different from a typical "junior high" approach where teachers do not teach on a team. Instead, the math department delivers math instruction to all students who take math, and the English Language Arts (ELA) department teaches ELA to all students who take ELA. 

Our research-based teaming approach is making education better for our 7th and 8th grade students. 

Meet our two teams! 


Kerry Connors               ELA                                      

Chelsey Morgan           Science                                   

Payton Rowe                  Math                                         

Charity Wetz                 Social Studies                         


Margot Rollins             ELA   

Beth Elmore                 Science                                

Taylor Faulkner           Math                             

Ashley Sherman        Social Studies                                                 

7th-Grade Curriculum